Step into the world of TAG Heuer’s iconic Carrera collection, a tribute to the adrenaline-fueled spirit of motor racing. Named after the legendary Carrera Panamericana race of the 1950s, this collection embodies the essence of speed, precision, and style. As TAG Heuer gears up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Carrera in 2023, a new chapter unfolds with a reinvention of this timeless icon.


The Carrera collection is a symbol of unwavering passion and dedication, mirroring the fearless attitude of racing pilots who push boundaries to achieve greatness. Each timepiece in the collection is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, designed to exude elegance and performance both on and off the tracks. With the 60th-anniversary edition, TAG Heuer introduces innovative features and design elements that pay homage to the Carrera’s rich heritage while embracing modernity.

The essence of the Carrera collection lies in its ability to capture the essence of speed and precision in every detail. From the sleek dial to the intricate mechanics, each watch is a testament to TAG Heuer’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether you are a racing enthusiast or a connoisseur of luxury timepieces, the Carrera collection offers a blend of heritage and contemporary style that transcends time.


As you explore the latest novelties in the Carrera collection, you will discover a fusion of tradition and innovation. The iconic Carrera design language is reimagined with a contemporary twist, showcasing TAG Heuer’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining luxury in the world of horology. With each iteration, the Carrera timepieces embody the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of perfection that define the TAG Heuer brand.


Celebrate the legacy of the Carrera collection and experience the thrill of precision timekeeping with TAG Heuer’s exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you are drawn to the classic elegance of the Carrera or the cutting-edge technology of the new releases, the Carrera collection is a testament to TAG Heuer’s commitment to luxury and performance.

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