Owned by Russell and Donna Boyle of Hudson, Florida this 1924 Packard Roadster will be the Featured Centenial Car at the Gasparilla Concouse D’Elegance on Saturday January 21st at Vinoy Park in St. petersburg, FL.


The 1924 Packard Single Eight Runabout was introduced in mid-1923. This is the first with an inline L-head eight-cylinder and also the first year with 4-wheel brakes. Form the 136 means that it is the first series and 136″ wheelbase (short version).


To many, Packard has been a graceful symbol of success that thousands of ordinary motorists admired, including the wealthy and famous.


James Ward Packard purchased a Winton #13 on August 13, 1898, and had trouble driving it home from Cleveland to Warren, Ohio. It had to be towed home by a team of horses. JW Packard made suggestions to Alexander Winton on how to improve the car.¬†Winton did not like this and responded to JW Packard something like “If you think you can build a better car, then build one”. And in 1899, JW Packard and his brother William Doud Packard formed the NY and OH Automobile Co. It was reorganized and renamed in 1902 to Packard Motor Car Co.