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Master Photographer, Ray Baldino, has owned and operated Baldino Studios in Florida for twenty years. His passion started much earlier. He has three degrees in the field of photography, is nationally certified, and holds the coveted title of Master Photographer. He has been featured by the Professional Photographers of America in the International Loan Collection five times and has been awarded by the association many times for his work. His work has been featured on over two hundred and fifty magazine covers, and he has been commissioned by celebrities, politicians, and business owners.

Hiring a photographer is like commissioning an artist. you need to enjoy their work, and at the same time, express the elements that you want to see in the final product. before booking your session, i invite you to come to the studio for a stress-free consultation. this allows you to see the studio and the work i have done in the past. here we can find the vision you have for your session. this one-on-one communication allows us to get to know you so that your unique style will be reflected in the final portrait.

Here is a sample of Rays work…

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