Affiliate Partners

Specialty Partners and Services

Affiliate Partners and Services

As a recognized leader in the automotive event business Festivals of Speed has established relationships with some of the auto, luxury life style products, and finest specialty beverages in the south east. All of the affiliate partners and services listed here have been hand selected and are regular attendees at our luxury lifestyle events.

If you are interested in partnering with Festivals of Speed then please contact us by phone at (352) 406-9325 or use our contact form by clicking the button below.

Festivals of Speed is dedicated to bringing you the most valued and luxurious products and services available in the marketplace.  ∼ Joe Sabatini

Ray Baldini Photography

Baldino Studios – With an engineer’s mind, a musician’s soul, and an artist’s eye, Ray Baldino turns ordinary images into cherished masterpieces. He is known for his interesting approach when it comes to classic portraiture by including methods of painting and design that make every single one of his photographs unique.


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